The 2018 Rastrick Classic (64)


Contact Neil to enter the reserve list.


Prize money - total £4100

1st Prize £1000

Runner up £600

Semis £350

Quarters £225

Last 16 £100

4 qualifying heats (16 down to 4) win 2 games for a guaranteed £100 & qualification

Qualifying sessions September 9th & 16th

Session 1 - 1.00pm practice for 1.30pm start

Session 2 - 5.30pm practice for 6.00pm start

Final night Sunday 23rd September

3.00pm practice with a 4.00pm start

Full list of results and final line up:

1st Sunday Session 1

Round One

Chris Kelly (Thongsbridge) w/o -abs Mark Hughes (Crossgates)

Dave Scott (Silsden) 21-12 Simon Coupe (Preston)

Steven Gilroy (Crossgates) 21-14 Roger Crowther (Longwood)

Robert Hitchen (Lower Hopton) 18-21 Danny Radcliffe (Bradley & Colne)

Stuart Mort (Preston) 1-21 Aaron Harrison (Burnley)

Neil Slattery (Huddersfield) 19-21 Ryan Clarke (Thongsbridge)

Andrew Sykes (Mirfield Old Bank) 21-14 Michael Sweeney (Huddersfield)

Graham Hickey (Lower Hopton) 5-21 Mark Regan (Brighouse)

Qualifying Round Session 1

Chris Kelly 21-9 Dave Scott

Steven Gilroy 21-19 Danny Radcliffe

Aaron Harrison 21-1 Ryan Clarke

Andrew Sykes 7-21 Mark Regan

Mark Hughes withdrew and not replaced


Chris drew ball 7

Steven drew ball 11

Aaoron drew ball 12

Mark drew ball 2

1st Sunday Session 2

Round One

Michael Coupe (Preston) 3-21 Nick White (Thongsbridge)

Andy Webb (Wakefield) 14-21 Callum Wraight (Shropshire)

Andy Thornton (Cumbria) 12-21 Andy Walker (Cleck Sports)

Ben Stapleton (Rochdale) 7-21 Ashley Tattersley (Lower Hopton)

Mark Johnson (Cumbria) 13-21 Colin Scorah (Denby Grange)

Ian Booth (Lower Hopton) 14-21 Jimmy Davison (Thongsbridge)

Paul Mottram (Denby Grange) 21-20 Billy Thornton (Cumbria)

Ashley Daykin (Thongsbridge) 21-8 Gary Smith (Leeds)

Qualifying Round Session 2

Nick White 5-21 Callum Wraight

Andy Walker 9-21 Ashley Tattersley

Colin Scorah 6-21 Jimmy Davison

Paul Mottram 12-21 Ashley Daykin


Callum drew ball 6

Ashley drew ball 5

Jimmy drew ball 1

Ashley drew ball 4

2nd Sunday Session 3

Round One

Josh Mordue (Pudsey) 15-21 Mark Allman (Litttlemoor)

Ben Gloag (Hyde) 15-21 Liam Griffin (Lower Hopton)

Tom Hanson (Pudsey) 21-15 Jack Dyson (Thongsbridge)

Tommy Johnstone (Poynton) 16-21 Graeme Wilson (Lower Hopton)

Jack Hargreaves (Hyde) 21-16 Nigel Bloomer (Brighouse)

James Hanson (Pudsey) 21-8 Graham Hirst (Lower Hopton)

David Gwilliam (Glossop) 16-21 Paul Latham (Whitchurch)

Glen Smith (Leeds) 5-21 Craig Newton (Ossett Flying Horse)

Qualifying Round Session 3

Mark Allman 16-21 Liam Griffin

Tom Hanson 3-21 Graeme Wilson

Jack Hargreaves 21-14 James Hanson

Paul Latham 21-13 Craig Newton


Liam drew ball 13

Graeme drew ball 16

Jack drew ball 10

Paul drew ball 3

2nd Sunday Session 4

(Scott Fisher replaced Tony Riley, Joe Cranston replaced Kevin Handley)

Round One

Glynn Storer (Windmill BC Staffs) 16-21 Craig Gant (Thongsbridge)

Andy Limbert (Whitkirk) 21-15 Mark Johnson (Barnsley)

James Martin (Lower Hopton) 21-17 Chris Mordue (Pudsey)

Ernie Wearing (Dearne Sports) 6-21 Darren Griffiths (Chadderton)

Kez Smith (Crossgates) 9-21 Gareth Coates (Halifax/MOB)

Chris Brown (Woodlands) 10-21 Wayne Ditchfield (Chorley)

Scott Fisher (Denby Grange) 21-20 Neil Grant (Sale XL)

Paul Burke (Chappel Allerton) 15-21 Joe Cranston (Crossgates)

Qualifying Round Session 4

Craig Gant 21-12 Andy Limbert

James Martin 18-21 Darren Griffiths

Gareth Coates 21-20 Wayne Ditchfield

Scott Fisher 19-21 Joe Cranston


Craig drew ball 8

Darren drew ball 9

Gareth drew ball 14

Joe drew ball 15

FINALS LINE UP (4 pm Sunday 23rd Sep)

1. Jimmy Davison (Thongsbridge)

2. Mark Regan (Brighouse)

3. Paul Latham (Whitchurch)

4. Ashley Daykin (Thongsbridge)

5. Ashley Tattersley (Lower Hopton)

6. Callum Wraight (Shropshire)

7. Chris Kelly (Thongsbridge)

8. Craig Gant (Thongsbridge)

9. Darren Griffiths (Chadderton)

10. Jack Hargreaves (Hyde)

11. Steven Gilroy (Crossgates)

12. Aaron Harrison (Burnley)

13. Liam Griffin (Lower Hopton)

14. Gareth Coates (Halifax)

15. Joe Cranston (Crossgates)

16. Graeme Wilson (Lower Hopton)


A field of no fewer than 13 county bowlers representing Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Shropshire, Greater Manchester and North Lancs & Fylde assembled for the finals of the Rastrick Classic.

The finals were under serious doubt of taking place due to heavy rain over the previous few days which had caused severe flooding of the green at Rastrick. The weather forecast was for much of the same on Sunday but the rain moved South and the finals went ahead on schedule. A crowd or around 200 witnessed some excellent bowling which culminated in Graeme Wilson of Elland WMC and Lower Hopton beating Chris Kelly of Thongsbridge in a thrilling final. After being presented with the prize money by Clive Wilkinson of Marstons (main sponsor), Graeme said that he was delighted to add the Rastrick Competition to his CV after coming close on numerous previous attempts.

Full results:

Round One

Jimmy Davison (Thongsbridge) 21 -20 Mark Regan (Brighouse)
Paul Latham (Whitchurch) 21-20 Ashley Daykin (Thongsbridge)
Ashley Tattersley (Lower Hopton) 14-21 Callum Wraight (Shropshire)
Chris Kelly (Thongsbridge) 21-17 Craig Gant (Thongsbridge)
Darren Griffiths (Chadderton) 16-21 Jack Hargreaves (Hyde)
Steven Gilroy (Crossgates) 21-11 Aaron Harrison (Burnley)
Liam Griffin (Lower Hopton) 12-21 Gareth Coates (Halifax)
Joe Cranston (Crossgates) 8-21 Graeme Wilson (Lower Hopton)

Round Two

Jimmy Davison 21 -12 Paul Latham
Callum Wraight 12-21 Chris Kelly
Jack Hargreaves 19-21 Steven Gilroy
Gareth Coates 19-21 Graeme Wilson

Semi Finals

Jimmy Davison 14-21 Chris Kelly
Steven Gilroy 16-21 Graeme Wilson


Chris Kelly 15-21 Graeme Wilson

left to right, Graeme Wilson (winner), Neil Broadbent (organiser), Chris Kelly (finalist)