We are always looking for new members and new faces. If you would like to join us please find all information required underneath.

  • Full Membership £20.00 per annum
  • Juniors (8 to 17 years) £5.00 per annum

There is a concession for new members over 65 years of age after a qualifying period. Please make cheques payable to RBSC.

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year, if paid after 31st January a £5.00 late payment charge is made. Any person joining on or after the 1st of October will enjoy membership until 1st January the following year (ie join 01/10/12 no more to pay until 01/01/2014).

Download an application form

More information regarding being a member:

The club rules are to be found adjacent to the disabled toilets. Please make time to read them. Any disregard of the club rules could be detrimental to the club e.g. loss of licence.

Are paid annually before the end of January each year. Failure to pay your subscription on time will incur a fine (currently £5.00).

Defaulters are not allowed onto club premises.

If you invite a friend or relative into the club, you must sign them in using the book provided. This is an important rule of the club and should always be adhered to.

Club facilities can be used by all paid up members and their guests which includes snooker, pool, bowling, Sky & BT Sports, Bingo ( held on Tuesday evenings). Quizzes (held on 1st Friday of the month) and concerts, As a member you will be welcome to play in any of the following teams bowls, snooker, darts & dominoes. There are other activities at the club which are highlighted on the notice boards.

Are positioned all around the club. This is where dates for up and coming events are to be found.

The annual general meeting is an important event that all honorary/full paying members should try to attend. Normally held on the last Sunday in March this is where the previous year's finances are discussed and decisions regarding your club are made.

If you have time or special skills that the club could benefit from please volunteer. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Comments and / or concerns will also be welcomed.